PAPR Deodorant: Your New Go To

I have been exploring natural deodorant options for years from salt crystals to pastes and they all had a couple of things in common. They worked just enough for me to not smell offensive and they all had plastic applicators and packaging. With PAPR I not only don’t smell bad, even after a workout I smell good! There are 5 scents currently available, I am using So Hot Right Now which has sexy musky smell. I think it’s meant for men, but I dig it. The packaging is made from responsibly sourced paper and is biodegradable.

Let’s talk about application, this stuff goes a long way. You push on the bottom of the applicator just enough for the stick to barely show past the cardboard. It is a soft product so it’s easy to put too much on, I simply use the edge of the applicator to scrape the excess. When you are done you may notice a little on the outside of the top, run your figure around the top as seen in the video above just to make the most of the product. For you deodorant in the purse gals, I only have to put this on once a day.

I mentioned the deodorant is soft, but it surprisingly does not melt easily. I left it in the sun accidentally, for hours. When I realized where it was I figured I would find an oily mess, not the case! It was the same consistency as it usually is. Now you usually do not leave deodorant outside in the sun but this give me confidence to take it traveling or on a hike without it making a mess – whenever we can leave our houses again.

PAPR goes on with a bit of a haze but after a couple of minutes it dries clear. To prevent pit stains on your shirt, apply and let it dry prior to putting your shirt on. Don’t worry, you wont get white streaks when you do.

Bottom line, it works. One day I ran 4 miles and then did a full leg workout and I still smelled good. Go to and use code TIFFANY20 for 20% off.