Long-term vision with short-term results

Smallholder farmers feed the world's population however they can barley satisfy their own basic needs.

I started studying Mars Inc. in 2019 and continue to be inspired by their Healthy Planet actions. Most people think of chocolate when they think of Mars but their business is so much more. With almost $35 billion in sales their brands include candy, pet food, rice, and beverages.

One of Mars’ initiatives is the Farmer Income Lab, launched in 2017, is aimed at helping to improve income levels among smallholder farmers. Solutions to eradicate poverty are shared across the industry to drive wider change and impact global supply chains. Did you catch that? Mars is dedicated to helping their suppliers make more money! Millions of smallholder farms feed the world’s population however they can barely feed their own families or satisfy their own basic needs. Farming must become sustainable and attractive to younger generations to continue to support the growing need for food. Solving this issue requires deep transformations and involvement from many sectors related to; land use, market networks, price stability, finance efficiency, and diversified crop models (Livelihoods Funds). These efforts fight against global warming, biodiversity loss, land and water degradation, and poverty among millions of smallholder farmers. Know your brands, and vote for responsible business with your dollars. Plus, you can feel better about buying those m&m’s!