Get Involved with Sustainability

Want to reduce your carbon footprint but not sure where to start? Check out these resources to learn, get motivated, and take action against the climate crisis.

Be the Change

The Reversing Climate Change podcast by Nori hosts change makers across industries and organizations show-casing creative solutions to wicked problems. From blockchain-backed carbon removal and regenerative agriculture to national security and more, join Ross and the Nori team where you find your podcasts.


Balance your carbon footprint and fight climate change with SeaTrees, a non-profit by Sustainable Surf. With as little as $10 USD you can wipeout your carbon footprint from driving or flying. Every project undergoes thorough review to ensure SeaTrees are planted for long term carbon sequestration and restoration. Wipe out your carbon footprint with SeaTrees and directly support communities planting and protecting blue-carbon coastal ecosystems - turning the tide on climate change.


Adventure consciously and join a movement to empower women and protect the planet with Changing Tides Foundation. A volunteer-run team that implements local educational and mentorship programs focusing on sustainability, ocean health, empowerment and access to clean water. Support projects around the world from disaster relief to clean water initiatives when you donate or shop Changing Tides Foundation. Make your travels meaningful by connecting with the Changing Tides team to see how you can get involved from asking questions about prevalent issues in your specific destination to transporting supplies and helping to build networks. If you are looking to make a difference from home, partner with Changing Tides Foundation to create your own fundraiser to raise money for a project that is close to your heart.


Recommended Reads

A collection of writings highlighting climate change insight and expertise from a diverse group of women. Providing a beacon of hope through sharing solutions for climate change.

Recommended Reads


Dive into the single greatest lever we can pull collectively to mitigate climate change. But are you motivated enough to save the planet?