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A Career in Sustainability

By admin | April 22, 2021
VT XMNR 2019

When you were in high school meeting with your career adviser or counselor, were you ever presented with a career in sustainability as an option? If yes, I would love the name of your adviser to send them a thank you card! Not only are there many careers focused on sustainability or supporting functions, but they are also competitive and widely well-paid roles.

“Great beer requires a healthy planet” -Anheuser-Busch

By admin | February 20, 2021
Michelob Ultra, Carbon Can, Great beer

Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB) is the largest brewing company in the US with a 45% share of the market, making their sustainability goals extremely important. Some of the AB by-2025 highlights include renewable energy, water stewardship, smart agriculture, and circular packaging.

A United Plan for Eco-Skies

By admin | February 16, 2021
united airlines eco-skies carbon neutral

The EPA reports that commercial air travel is producing the highest and fastest growth of GHG emissions contributing 12% of U.S. transportation emissions. Comparatively, the aviation industry would rank number 6 in the world as a top emitter.

Long-term vision with short-term results

By admin | February 15, 2021
Smallholder farmers feed the world's population however they can barley satisfy their own basic needs.

I started studying Mars Inc. in 2019 and continue to be inspired by their Healthy Planet actions. Most people think of chocolate when they think of Mars but their business is so much more. With almost $35 billion in sales their brands include candy, pet food, rice, and beverages.

Can You Meat The Challenge?

By admin | December 13, 2020

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the average American eats over 222 pounds of meat a year. As America has become wealthier, we have also consumed more meat per capita which is resource-intensive and environmentally destructive. Livestock are a leading cause of climate change resulting in approximately 14.5 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions.

Fun & educational environmental resources for students

By letscutcarbon | September 25, 2020

With the new climate of learning in 2020 we have an opportunity to improve and expand on the core competencies our kids are traditionally taught. I have collected a few free resources to help bring the wild into your kids learning experience and expand their horizons. Watch live recordings of elephants, Q&A with oceanographers, learn about the national parks, watch live footage from NASA and more. Give our youth the fuel to fall in love with the natural world.

From Clueless to Activist

By letscutcarbon | August 31, 2020

Since moving into our camper full time I have become increasingly aware of our consumption and waste. In a traditional home, we lose sight of our waste because we have built in systems that remove our impacts from view. Imagine if you had to manage your home as a closed ecosystem for water, energy, and waste. You might choose to change some behaviors like using less water or buying less stuff.

It’s just a bottle of water

By letscutcarbon | August 12, 2020
Nalgene with 4 years of hard lovin

The US alone consumes 1500 water bottles every second of every day. But, I recycle my bottles so it’s fine, right?

Live Intentionally

By letscutcarbon | July 19, 2020

For years it has been a distant dream of ours to live mobile, and COVID-19 was just the nudge we needed. As soon the virus hit the US, my organization went to 100% work from home with little intention to return to the office. While on vacation in Hilton Head South Carolina my aunt passed away after battling ALS and I knew at that point life was too short to not pursue our dreams. We do not have everything figured out, the stakes are high, but the reward will be so much greater. We came home from that vacation and began preparing our house to sell. We had it on the market and under contract for sale 1 month later.

Be the Bridge: How to have productive conversations

By letscutcarbon | July 12, 2020

Through the trials and tribulations of 2020 I found time to reflect and recenter on positivity and all the work that still needs to be done. Having meaningful conversations that drive change is hard, when there seems to be no getting through to someone, don’t give up just yet!

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