From Clueless to Activist

Since moving into our camper full time I have become increasingly aware of our consumption and waste. In a traditional home, we lose sight of our waste because we have built in systems that remove our impacts from view. Imagine if you had to manage your home as a closed ecosystem for water, energy, and waste. You might choose to change some behaviors like using less water or buying less stuff.

The fact is our communities and planet at large is a closed ecosystem, every decision we make as individuals has a greater impact. When the garbage truck hauls waste away, or the level of your well water is unknown it is not natural behavior to limit your consumption or waste when the resource is seemingly unlimited. This is why photography has been so instrumental in bringing awareness and passion to environmental health, because most people do not see the great pacific garbage patch or destructive mining for minerals and fossil fuels. We see what producers want us to see which is a well-kept gas pump with a movie playing or refuse taken to unseen locations. We as a species must be aware of the impacts from our choices and not turn a blind eye.

Start small and set some goals. Count the number of items in plastic that you bought from the grocery store and try to reduce that number week after week. Count the number of trash bags your family uses in a week and make a conscious effort to reduce that over time. When you are shopping on amazon, opt for everything to ship on the same day in fewer boxes, even if that means you have to wait a day. Set a timer when showering and wash your clothes with cold water. There are countless ways to become more aware of your waste, if you need more ideas just message me! Write them on a white board at home or have a quick conversation with your family. When you talk with others, even a small informal conversation it can plant a seed for them and and hold you accountable.

I love talking with you all on social media and getting questions about products and how things work. A good friend of mine messaged me one day saying her and her husband were down to filling just 1 trash bag a week (way to go Allison!). Be aware of your decisions, make it part of your conversations, set some goals and be the change.