A United Plan for Eco-Skies

united airlines eco-skies carbon neutral

The EPA reports that commercial air travel is producing the highest and fastest growth of GHG emissions contributing 12% of U.S. transportation emissions. Comparatively, the aviation industry would rank number 6 in the world as a top emitter.

A passenger plane such as a Boeing 747 burns 1 gallon of fuel every second! In 2018, United was the first airline to publicly commit to reducing carbon emissions. Through bold and ambitions sustainability goals they are working toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 100% by 2050. They are tackling this through improvements in fuel efficiency, investments in sustainable aviation fuel and carbon sequestration, transparent reporting and LEED certified facilities. United is partnering with 1PointFive to use carbon capture plants with direct air capture to pull 1 million tons of carbon from the atmosphere, equivalent to the work of about 40 million trees. Aviation is essential to our global economy and enhancing life experiences however, this industry needs a major overhaul to support the fight against climate change. Cheers to United for leading the way!